Tiny Skoolie Big Heart

On a smoky morning in the Colorado mountains, as wildfires raged not far away, Patricia accepted meals through the windows of her tiny blue skoolie. She wasn’t well enough to come outside or join the community van-build going on just outside her window, even though her fledgling home was far from complete. You see, the Rocky Mountain wildfires weren’t the only ones raging that day; there were two other fires burning right inside that little school bus – the one she held in her heart and the other that flamed up in her leg.

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Early Retiree Finds Joy In Her Journey – with a Full-Time RV Life!

Theresa was working out of a cubicle at the US Department of Veterans Affairs when she got the urge to retire. Working on Veteran’s Disability Claims exposed her to this unpleasant fact: retirement in old age in not guaranteed—life can change in an instant. For more than fifteen years, disability cases moved across her desk. “That’s a long time to be stuck,” Theresa said, “even if you love it. I loved helping veterans, but I decided I needed to do something more with life.” She searched and found a way: she could retire early by living full-time in an RV.

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Less Stuff — More Joy: Meet Carol

Only one year ago, Carol was sitting in the basement of her Virginia home, surrounded by unopened boxes. She had shed all the other remnants accumulated in a standard American life, but that room in the basement, well – that was the final space she had to resolve before she could begin her new adventure.

You see, Carol had decided to become a full-time Nomad and a Minimalist.

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Camping on BLM

How to Camp on BLM Land: Why, How and Where


Drive forward towards your dream life by boondocking on BLM land.

If you are considering a mobile life, try Boondocking on BLM land. When you do, your budget opens up and the beauty of the natural world reveals itself in miraculous ways, each new adventure unfurling just around the next bend in the road. Continue reading “How to Camp on BLM Land: Why, How and Where”

rocky mountain national park

Is Rocky Mountain National Park the Most Beautiful Place on Earth?

Driving through Rocky Mountain National Park is an exercise in self-control. Each curve reveals a new scenic overlook, or trailhead, or stunning opportunity to get out, take a picture and try to force your mind to accept what it’s seeing: towering peaks covered in snow but surrounded by a technicolor array of wildflowers. Moose, elk and deer peering at you through the woods, and air so crisp and thin you feel alive but, perhaps, also light-headed – and all at the same time.

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Sedona, AZ Rest Area

How to RV Overnight at Rest Areas: The Rules and The Real Scoop

Rest Areas have come a long way since the first interstate “safety areas” opened in 1956 when travelers were offered a quick place to stretch, run into a usually unkempt two-stall bathroom with a dim overhead light. These rest-stops inspired a string of horror movies for thirty years and along with them, a legitimate fear of stopping at one–let alone sleeping. But, as transportation budgets tightened, the old rest-areas have slowly disappeared and in their place are new, safer, bigger rest areas with a variety of services designed to attract travelers. These are ideal places to stretch, nap or stay overnight in your RV. Rules vary from state-to-state, but read on and I’ll share How to Overnight at Rest Areas: The Rules and The Real Scoop! 

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How to Find Free Camping in National Forests

How to Find Free Camping in National Forests

One of my favorite things to do is drive down a bumpy dirt road, deep into a National Forest. As soon as the gravel starts crackling beneath the tires, my cat stops napping and leaps up onto the dash, his eyes-wide, searching for squirrels. My water tank and propane are full, the sky is blue, and a cold beer and camp-chair are waiting for me to choose the perfect spot.

And the best part? It’s free.

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route 66 at age 66

Carolyn is Traveling Route 66 at Age 66!

My hands were buried in the warm sudsy water of my RV sink when I first saw Carolyn’s trailer pull around the bend. It was cold, maybe 15 degrees, and I was lingering so the water could warm up the chill on my fingers. As I dragged the soapy-sponge across the plates and pans I saw her truck pull past me then circle around, pulling behind it a teal and white retro trailer.

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Jill Lives in a Van and Loves It!

In August of 2016, Jill left her apartment to live as a full-time, Digital Nomad. “It was a long time coming,” she said, sitting in a camp chair just outside the steely-green door of her high-top van. “One day I said to myself, I’m going to do this, because with wheels under me I can go wherever I want to go.” Continue reading “Jill Lives in a Van and Loves It!”


My Full-Time Nomad Budget

People are Living Mobile. It’s a thing. Some in RVs, some in vans, or fifth-wheels, Skoolies, converted cargo trailers, and even cars. Why?

Because a mobile-life can be radically less expensive than living in a sticks-and-bricks home. 

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